Musicland New Owner For Amherstburg Shop

Musicland New Owner For Amherstburg Shop
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Musicland New Owner For Amherstburg Shop

Bethany D’Alimonte, former student, teacher and now owner has been given the opportunity to take over Musicland Amherstburg as her own establishment and make it into an arts hub for musicians/creatives in Amhertsburg and Windsor Essex.

The grand opening took place on Sunday August 7, 2022 with live music from area musicians and tours of the new space on 59 Richmond Street in downtown Amherstburg.

“My dream for this place is to enhance the music scene closer to home while providing a space for others to perform,” says D’Alimonte.

Musicland is a recording studio, lesson centre, retail and service shop with the underlying purpose of the performing arts.

“I am excited to see where this takes me, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to follow in my father’s footsteps by taking over the store that he initially opened in 1986,” she expresses.

Musicland was established in the mid 1980s with the original owners being Trevor Marshall and John D’Alimonte. The two changed the music scene for Windsor Essex by educating future musicians in the area at that time as well as playing live four to five nights a week in a band called Revolver. 

As the years went on, and the music scene in Windsor was slowly dying, John D’Alimonte decided to leave the music business and branch out to a new career, leaving Marshall with the business as the sole proprietor. 

Things have come full circle for new owner Bethany D’Alimonte.

In the early 2000s Bethany started piano lessons at Musicland, and that is when she fell in love with music. It changed everything for her, and she knew then that she wanted to play music and be surrounded by music for the rest of her life; something about watching her father and Marshall play was inspiring to her from a very young age.

Bethany started taking vocal lessons from Pete Palazzolo at the Canadian Conservatory of Music in Windsor.

Palazzolo taught Bethany about the importance of music and creativity in music as she started writing her own music and producing with Palazzolo from his studio. 

In 2014, she landed first job at Musicland and then eventually started teaching vocals and ukulele at Musicland in 2019.

In 2019, Bethany then started performing when she was old enough to start playing in bars and restaurants around Windsor Essex and has put out eight songs, four of which are on her first EP titled “More Time” which came out in 2021.

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