Parental Devotion and Sacrifice at the Heart of New Post Productions Play Prepared

Prepared Cast (L-R Magwood, Richardson, Finlay, Krysko)
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Parental Devotion and Sacrifice at the Heart of New Post Productions Play Prepared

How much would you sacrifice to protect your child? Can parents ever be fully prepared to support and accept the children fate gives them? These questions are at the heart of a provocative and thrilling play – Prepared by Kari Bentley-Quinn – which will make its world premiere at The Shadowbox Theatre on June 17th for a three-week run.

This award-winning play tells the story of a teenaged boy (played by Caiden Finlay) who lives emersed in a world of computer games, darkened windows, and a steady diet of homeschool lessons from his survivalist mother, Lydia (played by Niki Richardson). Lydia’s devotion to her son and uncompromising prepper ideology have estranged her from her eldest son, Trey (played by Alyx Magwood), and ex-husband Marshall (played by Fred Krysko). For years she and the boy have been living a life of increasing isolation and decreasing social connection. There will be consequences.

“The story and themes of Prepared have never been more relevant than they are now,” says producer Michael K. Potter. “The past few years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people who belong to or identify with survivalists, incels, white supremacists, and other ideologies that used to be on the fringe. Since the 1990s there’s also been a growing awareness that some children have needs their parents may not be equipped to support. They’re struggling, they’re not sure who to trust, and they don’t know where to turn for help.”

According to director Fay Lynn, Bentley-Quinn’s script is unusually impactful. “We loved the script from the moment we read it,” says Lynn. “The characters are vivid, the story is lean and tense, and the pacing builds toward a climax you dread but don’t expect.”

Three of the four cast members in Prepared are new to Post Productions – but certainly not new to acting. Of the cast, Lynn says, “We are extremely fortunate to have this cast. They’ve had great chemistry since the first readthrough, they understood the material immediately, and they really listen to each other. Things don’t always work out this well.”

Prepared by Kari Bentley-Quinn will be presented by Post Productions at The Shadowbox Theatre (103b – 1501 Howard Ave, corner of Howard and Shepherd) Jun 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30; Jul 1 & 2, 2022. Showtime 8:00 PM (doors open 7:30). Tickets can be purchased for $25 through Patrons must be masked at all times in the venue. Presented in association with Waawiiyaatanong Feminist Theatre.

Post Productions provides intimately-staged entertaining theatrical experiences that arouse the heart and fuel the mind, drawing patrons into lives quite unlike their own to help them understand the world, other people, and themselves with fresh insight. As a unique brand of theatre, Post Productions complements the Windsor-Essex scene by staging provocative productions for audiences that want more for their dollar: post-theatre, post-art, post-entertainment.

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