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Positive Perception!

Positive Perception!

Vincent and Joshua have a race against each other. Joshua thinks to himself, that he does not believe he can beat Vincent. Thoughts of fear enter his mind. He feels that if he loses the race, Vincent will brag about it for the rest of his life and tell their other friends that he sucks and is a loser. All of a sudden thoughts come into Joshua’s mind “You are a loser.” “You can’t win.” “Quit.” “You are a failure.” Now Joshua is discouraged and feeling down.

Vincent on the other hand has never raced Joshua before, but he is willing to give it his best. He accepts any outcome, but he truly believes he is pretty fast. He feels confident and it shows on him. He is determined and focused to win this race. He also feels Joshua is a great friend and believes he is pretty fast himself.

On your mark…get set…go… The race is on. Vincent led Joshua right from the get go and clearly Vincent won the race in his mind and in reality. Think about it. They are both facing the same circumstances. They are both racing against each other. They are both in the same situation. So why did Vincent win? Because Vincent’s perception was totally different from Joshua‘s perception. Vincent believed he could win and Joshua already lost before the race even started. He defeated himself because of how he viewed himself and this situation.

Vincent perceived himself as strong and capable, whereas Joshua perceived himself as insecure and weak.

Remember, we create how we act towards situations, ourselves, not the outside world, but us. Anything can happen to us good or bad, but how we respond to it will determine our reality. Our perception.

How we view any situation can show. A confident, happy person will have his head up and chest sticking out with a good posture, but a sad person will have a slouched appearance with head down and a despondent look.

You, me and the whole world, will ALWAYS have challenges in our life. That is just how life works sometimes. It gives balance. Challenges enable us to fight and become stronger people. But if you decide to quit, then your thoughts and feelings will create your reality. Such as “Life is too hard.” “I can’t do this.” “I am scared.” Remember what I said. You, me and the whole world will have challenges. We are all dealing with the same circumstances that life brings to us. So why not change your perception of challenges such as break ups, divorces, failures, grief, stress, and loss of jobs? These are the realities people have to face in life.

Instead of felling sorry for yourself, I want you to change your perception of what happened. If you lose a job, then tell yourself you have the skills and qualities to land another job. If you are divorced or have gone through a break up, I don’t want you to feel down for weeks and months and telling yourself that you are unlovable and nobody wants you. A healthier approach would be to tell yourself that you will heal and you will bounce back. There are over 7.7 billion people in this world and I am sure there is someone out there who is looking for someone like you. The point is to make a shift in how you are responding to the circumstances or situations that have happened to you and start to perceive and respond to them in a more positive way.

Instead of waking up every morning and feeling like you are going to have another bad day, I want you to wake up every morning and start to be grateful for what you have in life. I want you to do something that you are afraid to do. I want you to make substantial and positive progress. I want you to keep yourself busy on the things that are making you move forward and making you happy.

Your thoughts are creating your life and future. Your thoughts will determine what action you will take, or whether you will take no action.

If you are a truly happy person then you are probably seeing the positive in every negative. You accept what is and know that there are some things you can’t change, but many you can. You have inner peace and a good outlook on life.

So if you are struggling, why not choose happy?

When you change your perception of a negative event, you are not saying it did not happen, but rather how you can take this negative event and see it with a better and positive view that can help you move forward.

Never look at things from just one view. There are always other ways of looking.

The world can be negative, but if you focus too much on the negative, you are going to see the world as only negative. But, the reality is there is also good and positive in this world. There is kindness in this world. Open your eyes you will see it everywhere, from inspirational videos, blogs, books, movies and people who are spreading positivity in the world.

You choose which lens you want to look at the world through. So why choose negative?

So how do you want to live? Positive….. right? GOOD.

When I was going through dark times, I only focused on the darkness and it inevitably consumed me. When I decided I’d had enough and I changed the way I perceived my challenges, then I was able to let the light into the darkness and the more my mind became positive and stronger the more my actions became positive and stronger, to the point where the entire light of hope obliterated the darkness I once faced. This is how I found happiness.

Today I live with passion. I love it. I embrace the beautiful day that God brings to me. I CONQUER anything that comes my way simply because I now see my life through a different lens. I no longer feel sorry for myself, but I feel sorry for any obstacles that I will DESTROY.

Today, I perceive myself as strong, talented, unique, passionate and capable, simply because I changed my perception.

Now it is your turn, champs, time to turn your life around. You can do it. Perception is reality to you. So make your reality positive, beautiful, embracing, happy, successful and you will outweigh any challenges that come your way. YOU CAN DO IT CHAMPS!!!!!! Perceive yourself as a unique champion and perceive your life as optimistic and full of opportunities.

God bless you and take care. Never give up. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. Be a Legend.

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