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Remy Boulbol Named Liberal Candidate Windsor-Tecumseh

Remy Boulbol Named Liberal Candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh

Remy Boulbol Named Liberal Candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh

Long-time community advocate Remy Boulbol was nominated to contest the provincial seat of Windsor—Tecumseh in the upcoming Ontario general election. Following the proceedings of Windsor—Tecumseh Provincial Liberal Association’s nomination meeting held at the Serbian Centre Thursday evening, Boulbol launched her campaign for change in the region.

Remy has nearly 20 years of experience working with various social justice organizations focusing on health, education, poverty, immigration, and women’s issues. She has worked extensively in both Canada and the U.S.—specifically in Windsor and in Detroit—with a focus on strategic planning and resource development to ensure organizations are best equipped to meet client needs and provide comprehensive services.

Remy Boulbol: Windsor—Tecumseh Provincial Riding Association

“Welcome friends. Welcome to my family. Welcome to our neighbors from across Windsor—Tecumseh.

We stand here tonight as one community. A community who is concerned about its residents. A community, who’s values I share, makes us the best place to live in the province.

Our incredible home, is the gateway to this great province – the economic engine of our Nation. Over the last few years, we have seen the world change and our local economy go from some of its deepest lows to the being one of the most active and prosperous that we’ve seen in a long time. Stores are opening. Homes are selling. Restaurants are full. People are working. That’s the community, and the province that I want to continue to build.

A province that is prosperous, and the most incredible place to live, work and raise a family. Our community is in desperate need of strong, effective representation. Representation that focuses on us. Representation means having a strong advocate that has the ability, the relationships, a clear understanding of local issues and impacts, and the tenacity to get it done. We need someone that will fight for our home and the things we cherish.

Being your representative, being the Member for Windsor- Tecumseh is about one thing – it’s about giving voice to our dreams, our hopes at every opportunity, and to bring home the change that we need. Our neighborhoods, our families, our community deserves the best. The best health care system, the best university and college, the best education system.

That’s why I am proud of the investments announced in the recent Provincial budget.

  • Free prescription drugs for seniors
  • Better mental health care
  • Shorter wait times for emergency care
  • Free childcare for our preschoolers

A community that prioritizes the future of our children above all else is essential to creating a prosperous society that we can all be proud of. When our children are well, our community is well.

And a Government that understands the importance of investing early on, so that OUR kids have the best shot in life, is a Government to be proud of.

Ensuring that those of us who need the help the most are receiving it – our seniors, our family members living with mental health and addiction challenges, our neighbors who are striving to break out from the vicious cycle of poverty – we have a responsibility to help and support them. That’s why I am proud of our budget.

This is Leadership. This is fighting for our shared values and promoting opportunity for us all. This is about policy. Policy that is informed, balanced, and keeps communities as the priority. Policy that keeps our small businesses and economy strong. Policy that places priority on equity in our workplaces. Policy that is informed by us and made for us.

We understand and uphold these values, and we look to these as we put together a platform that embraces all of these things and more.

This is about us. This is about our home. Our region. Our Windsor and our Tecumseh. Our future and the future of our children.

We stand together in this – this fight for all of us. The fight to forge a path forward, not one that focuses on leading us backwards or one that maybe worse, has no substance at all.

We are all concerned with the same things – our families, our loved ones, our aging parents and friends, being able to earn a decent wage to provide for our children, giving our kids an education that will build a foundation for their future.

I look at Windsor—Tecumseh and I see those concerns and I also see something incredible. I see a strength in in our community, one that drivesthe economy of our city with small business, a community that drives the engine of our province by building our cars, those who build our future by educating our children and youth, the hard-working men and women who are building our roads, bridges, and infrastructure, and those who care for our health and the health of our families.

All of us, in all we do each day, are what makes our city and our riding strong. The spirit of this community is what defines us. A spirit of entrepreneurship like Angelina, who owns a small business and employs other women, giving them the opportunity to grow and achieve. A spirit like Alaa, a nurse who strives each day to make sure that she gives her patients the extra bit of time and care that they deserve. A spirit like Katie’s, who dedicates her life to ensuring that access to mental health supports are never a barrier to care. These women embody the spirit of our great city and these values are what I, as your MPP will fight for each day.

I am reminded of my childhood, listening to my mother, raising 4 of us on her own, who although we really didn’t have much at all, told me that we can accomplish nothing without optimism, without hope and without unity. She showed us that while we might not have much, we can always do much. I ask you to share in that spirit with me tonight.

Now, we have an election to win. We understand the work that needs to be done in order for us to win back this seat. We have a great deal to do in order make that happen.

We must do so with a spirit of unity, strength, energy and most importantly, with collaborative conversations. This spirit will win us this election. I stand here with you tonight, committed to that spirit, and to the work that is to come.

I stand here tonight, asking for you to take that step with me, as your candidate for the Liberal party of Ontario in Windsor Tecumseh.

Thank you all for being here tonight with me and my family as we begin our work with you to fight.

To fight for all of us. To fight for Windsor—Tecumseh at Queen’s Park.”

Currently, she is the executive director of development and programming at the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, which provides fiduciary and programmatic support to one of the most marginalized and under-served school districts in Michigan. Prior to her work there, she served as Director of Development and Community Engagement at Welcome Centre Shelter for Women in Windsor, and Executive Director of the RCIC in east Windsor. She currently serves on the board of directors for Legal Aid Ontario, Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, and Assisted Living Southwest Ontario.

For her advocacy work with women and children, Remy was awarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal, and has been an active volunteer and community advocate through her work with Neighborhood Watch, Windsor Rotary 1918, Canterbury College Elder College and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Ontario Citizen’s Council.

Remy and her husband Talal live in Windsor where they raise their three girls.

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