Sleighing Hunger 2020 Raises $80K for Food Banks

Sleighing Hunger 2020 Raises $80K for Food Banks
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10th Anniversary Sleighing Hunger 2020 Concert Raises $80,000 for Local Food Banks

There were close to 2,000 virtual concertgoers who tuned in for The S’Aints 2020 Sleighing Hunger 2020 concert which was broadcasted virtually on December 18, 2020. The annual holiday concert raised $80,000 from ticket sales, CD sales, music downloads and contributions from various local sponsors.

The funds raised have been presented to representatives from the Windsor Essex Food Bank Association ($50,500), Chatham’s Outreach for Hunger ($25,000) and the two St. Clair College student food banks Student Representative Council-Windsor ($3,000) Thames Students Incorporated-Chatham ($1,500).

“The fabled and long-standing generosity of our community may not surprise me much any longer, but its’ phenomenal degree certainly did astound me this year. To set a fundraising record amid a pandemic with a concert that, by necessity, had to be staged remotely, is the most heart-warming ending imaginable for this COVID-era Christmas story. I suppose it just goes to show you that the combination of Saints and S’Aints, and the cosponsoring LiUna Local 625, plus the caring attitude of our community creates a powerful partnership in the annual effort to ‘Sleigh Hunger’.”


She adds, “But let’s remember that this is a year-long effort, especially in the midst of the ongoing employment difficulties faced by many of our neighbours due to the pandemic. Food banks and social assistance agencies such as those helped by the concert need support throughout the year, so I encourage all of the concert’s audience members to replicate that same Christmas spirit in the months to come.”

The S’Aints Sleighing Hunger concerts have now raised $350,000 in the past 10 years.

The S’Aints are comprised of some of the most talented artists in our region. Jody Raffoul, Kelly Hoppe, Kelly Authier, David Cyrenne, Wes Buckley, Liz Robinson, Stephanie Baker, Martin Bak, and Jeff Burrows.

“For the past 10 years, we have been honoured to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves as a group of musicians. The opportunity to record, perform during the Christmas season and partner with St. Clair College has been both humbling, and extraordinary,” says The S’Aints founding member Jeff Burrows. “Although we missed celebrating our 10th anniversary live at our partner’s Caesars Windsor Colosseum, we managed to pull off a “virtual concert“ thanks to our friends at LiUNA! Local 625. On behalf of The S’Aints, we are proud to be part of such an outstanding community-driven donation towards our food banks in both Windsor/Essex and Chatham/Kent.”

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