Something To Think About . . . Corporate Greed Takeover


Something To Think About . . . Corporate Greed Takeover

blankOpinion by Harry Lauder

Something terrible is happening in our city that cannot be blamed on COVID 19; it has been going on for decades. It was slow to start; most did not notice, many still haven’t noticed, but the wealth created in our community is slowly being siphoned off, leaving us all poorer.

The years following World War II were prosperous times for our city. Jobs were plentiful, and no one imagined that a time would come when men would stand on street corners holding signs offering to work for food. We did not foresee a time when our community would lead the nation in childhood poverty. How did this happen?

Back then, every neighbourhood had a corner store. They were “Mom and Pop” operations, and the money spent there, stayed in our community. Nowadays, some guy named Mac owns all of those stores, and the money spent there goes into his pocket.

It’s not just convenience stores. Locally owned grocery stores, department stores, barbershops, lumber, and hardware stores have all disappeared. Absentee corporations are strip-mining the wealth of our city and hauling it away for their personal use elsewhere.

As a nation, we have allowed corporate greed to transform our economy into a hideous thing that has become inimical to the common man. We have allowed our lawmakers to craft a system that favours corporate growth over personal prosperity and where excessive taxation is the norm. The result is a marketplace where human labour has become the most expensive commodity on earth.

We live in a world where people approach their golden years with dread, a world where seniors limp into work long after they should have stopped. Taxation, inflation, and corporate greed have stolen everything from them. Perhaps the post COVID world will give us a do-over. We can fix these things. We must fix these things!

We can begin by seizing the narrative. Politicians are very good at controlling what topics they want to discuss, but shouldn’t that job belonged to the citizens who employ them? Shouldn’t we be telling them what we want rather than allowing them to dictate policy to us?

We can do that. We can tell our representatives what we believe is essential to secure our support. We can ask tough questions and demand answers that work for us. We can demand that their responses to our queries be publicly displayed for all to view. We can define the issues where federal and provincial governments have failed us and require plans of action to rectify them.

Here are three significant issues facing our community. Please understand that these matters did not evolve naturally; they were created by men whose sole objective was to enrich themselves at our expense.

  1. A deeply flawed monetary system that favours bankers at the expense of all others. Henry Ford once said, “It is well that the people do not understand our monetary system for if they did, there would be a revolution by morning.” More recently, Matt Taibbi described a well-known Wall Street bank as a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly driving its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.
  2. A system of laws and regulations that favours corporate growth over individual prosperity. Here was a time when politicians promoted personal prosperity. They promised a “chicken in every pot.” What happened to that?
  3. A bloated, expensive, inefficient, self-serving, and increasingly militant government.

Politicians will tell you that everyone must pay their fair share, but they have the unique ability to adjust their rate of pay to compensate for the taxes they pay. For the rest of us, a 13% harmonized sales tax on top of a 20% income tax is a heavy burden to bear.

It does not have to be this way. We are many, and they are few. We have the political strength to remake our government into something that serves us. Do we have the will to change it, or do we already have the government we deserve? You decide!

Harry Lauder is a freelance writer based in the Windsor area and a member of the Professional Freelance Guild. You can reach him via: [email protected] and you can also log into Facebook and leave a comment under this post for all to see!

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