St. Clair College Transfers Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White Memorial Park to City of Windsor

Mayor Drew Dilkens was joined by Dr. Patti France, President of St. Clair College, to formally transfer stewardship of the Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White Memorial Park, a 12.2-acre property at 3860 Lauzon Road, to the City of Windsor.

The area was formerly the site of the home of the late Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White, before the parcel was donated to St. Clair College in 2011. Given the well-preserved natural state of the property, the college used the land as a training site for horticulture students while investigating options for its long-term use and preservation. Following the transfer of land to the City, and expanding on the strong partnership between the City and the educational institution, St. Clair College’s Horticultural Department will continue to attend the site for learning purposes.

“The City of Windsor is honoured to carry on the legacy of ecological conservation left behind by Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White, through the transfer of this land. We are grateful to Dr. Patti France and St. Clair College for this generous land transfer, and for the continued partnership between the City and the College to benefit horticulture students. We are always looking for opportunities to expand our conservation efforts within the city of Windsor, and greatly appreciate the college coming forward with this impactful proposal.”

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

Named Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White Memorial Park, the site includes approximately 7,000 mature trees covering the 12-acre property. These trees consist of approximately 3,000 red oak trees, about 2,000 black walnut trees and around 2,000 white pine trees. The acquisition by the City will guarantee that the site is never developed and will be retained in a naturalized state as natural heritage parkland in perpetuity.

The Dr. Bruce and Kathryn White Memorial Park is located in the Little River Corridor, in close proximity to Little River and within the Little River sub watershed, making this acquisition consistent with the Parks & Outdoor Recreation Master Plan and the Environmental Master Plan’s goal of expanding, enhancing and linking the city’s greenway system.