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Bolstering Support For Canadian Newcomers As Economy Starts To Rebound

By Sandeep Singh, Immigration Consultant at Brampton Immigration Consultancy

Windsor is a border city and major gateway to the US, as well as an educational hub, with the University of Windsor and St. Clair College on its doorstep. This makes it an appealing location for potential newcomers looking to live, work, study or be reunited with family in Canada.

As Canada continues to reopen, with border restrictions easing, cities like Windsor must take advantage of what they have to offer and welcome international workers and students with open arms.

Immigrants provide a revenue stream, improve productivity, and plug skill gaps and shortages to bolster the local and national economy as it remains on its trajectory to full recovery post-pandemic.

Up until now with the September 2021 opening of Brampton Immigration Consultancy’s 13th international location, its Windsor branch, there has been a lack of legitimate immigration support on the ground locally.

With our presence, both employers can now make the most of immigrant workers as assets to their business, and newcomers can tap into Windsor as an opportunistic destination to further their study in higher education or for career progression.

The Appeal of Windsor to Canadian Newcomers

For skilled workers and eager-to-learn students, there is an undeniable draw to cities like Windsor outside of major metropolises like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

In many cases, people can live a better quality of life at a lower living cost than the more frequented urban centers, making life that little bit easier for newcomers who are trying to establish themselves in a new country.

Equally, Windsor does not fall short of offering an abundance of skilled career opportunities for qualified workers. For example, as the automobile capital of Canada, there are plentiful opportunities for those looking to advance their careers in engineering, tech and manufacturing, to name a few.

Why Local Businesses Should Be Hiring Immigrant Workers

Windsor businesses have untapped talent at their fingertips if they are receptive to hiring workers from overseas to diversify their workforce in the post-pandemic era.

For industries and job roles requiring specific education certifications and credentials, employers can rest assured knowing that immigrants with a valid work permit allowing them to legally work in Canada will be required to verify their qualifications from their own country with an independent Canadian body like World Education Services (WES).

Once here, workers from other countries typically bring with them a myriad of new skills, fresh perspectives and ways to approach new challenges that ultimately allow for greater business growth. Diversifying your team and injecting new ways to approach tasks is never going to be a bad thing.

Our team of lawyers, paralegals and immigration consultants here at Brampton Immigration Consultancy in Windsor are looking forward to working with local companies and educational institutions in Windsor to find the best solutions for our clients and local firms alike to boost local prosperity.

Sandeep Singh is a licensed Immigration Consultant at Brampton Immigration Consultancy with more than a decade of expertise and experience in the field of immigration. Sandeep helps prospective immigrants hoping to come to Canada navigate the complexities of the immigration process and achieve their dreams of living and working in Canada, reuniting individuals with their families and providing refuge to those who need it.

Brampton Immigration Consultancy has a 70+ global team of immigration consultants, lawyers and paralegals, and 13 locations worldwide, with its latest branch in Windsor, Ontario.

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