The 26th Annual Biz X Awards Tribute: Picture Perfect

Award Write-ups By Rebecca Wright & Jim Murphy

To quote Henry David Thoreau: “The world is but canvas to our imaginations.”

Thoreau believed there are unlimited and endless possibilities and opportunities for mankind to pursue. One of these is starting a business.

At Biz X our job is to promote as many companies and organizations as we can in the magazine and on our website.

We have been organizing our awards program since 1998, and with the help of our readers, staff, freelance workers, IT support team, Judges and sponsors, the process is down to a fine art.

Traditionally, a 26th year celebration is known as the picture anniversary, with the modern gift being artwork.

When you relate all this to the magazine, taking the best photos for our editorial content and being creative is what we are all about!

Put it all together and the theme Picture Perfect seemed to be a good fit for the 2023 Biz X Awards Edition.

Throughout this entire awards story you will see references to pictures and artwork plus the 26th anniversary gemstone — jade — which represents longevity, loyalty, security, and love. What better way to describe the 2023 nominees as chosen by the readers of Biz X!

Though our theme changes each year, our mission remains the same . . . to honour the outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders in Windsor, Essex County and Pelee Island.

Which local businesses, organizations, professionals and events will be chosen to receive the “pillars of success” — Biz X Award — for 2023?

In our 26th annual Awards Tribute, 213 nominees competed in 24 categories. This year, the online voting poll ran from September 18 until September 22 with over 37,000 votes coming in (surpassing the 2022 total).

Our award history goes back to 1998, and with the publishing of this issue, over 800 Biz X Awards have been handed out. Like every year before, the new batch of nominees are simply the best our region has to offer and we congratulate every company, organization, event and individual listed throughout this entire cover story. However, like all award programs, there can be only one winner of each category in the end.

Biz X magazine Trophy Boys

Along with bragging rights to tell others that they are #1 in their fields, winners receive a plaque from The Trophy Boys (see accompanying graphic) to display in their workplace, plus promotion in the November/December print and digital editions of Biz X.

In addition to the support of The Trophy Boys for many years, we also would like to thank five businesses and organizations who sponsor our awards: Motor City Community Credit Union; Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre; St. Clair College Alumni Association;; and Williams Food Equipment. Throughout the awards story, a special graphic before each section showcases each sponsor logo and website. Of course, it relates to our theme, particularly the lyrics to the Outkast song: “Shake it like a Polaroid picture, hey ya!”

Let’s now fill you in on how a business, organization, individual or event became a nominee or the overall winner of their category, by recapping the official rules for the Biz X Awards.