The Past is Gone. Let it Go!


The Past is Gone. Let it Go!

By Danny Gautama

When I think of the past, I think of something that once was. Something that was once a memory but no longer exists, like a candle that has been extinguished far long ago. I always knew that there was no future in looking in the past.

I look back at things in my life and what I have learned is that life keeps going. The world keeps evolving and it does not stop for anyone. Let us go with the flow and move forward with life. We must not waste a single day looking back in the past. Why would you want to hang on to painful memories that will have a negative impact on you? Your happiness and wellness should be your priority. Do not waste a single second thinking about your bad memories. Those bad memories you have are done and over with. Now it is your time to manifest new beautiful memories. You can’t bring it back, but you can learn from those experiences, so they will guide you in the future.

I’m telling you my awesome friend there will be better things that will come along your way, however you must take that courageous step and say “YES!!! I want to let go of the past” and “I want to move forward!” If you do not want to move ahead, then this will weigh you down and halt your future.

When you keep reminiscing than you are trying to injure a wound that wants to heal and will cause you more distress. So make that decision champ and make room for new opportunities that will come your way in life such as new jobs, new friends, and new relationships!

Embrace it and be excited for new things coming your way. Let go of blaming others that they should be this way. Nobody owes us anything and most of all, do not play the victim anymore because wasting your time trying to get sympathy from others and dwelling will take each second from you for creating visions, dreams and goals.

Accept what has happened and free yourself from these chains. Focus on the here and now. What are you doing today that needs to be done?

Never hold on to toxic relationships that serve no purpose to you. If someone is meant to be in your life they will, if not let them go and leave them in the past as someone you once knew.
Forgiveness is such an important factor in letting go. Forgive yourself and the situation that has happened. Accept that the situation is over.

We live in a world that is full of opportunities. You can achieve anything you want in life with hard work, discipline and dedication. Just keep making progress in every area and aspect of your life. No more looking back now. Now I want you to say this: “Okay you know what, this has happened, and these are the facts. Now what am I going to do? Am I going to sit there and think why this happened and let my life pass me by? Or am I going to get up stand tall and say I am stronger, wiser and better than my past. I have learned a valuable lesson that i will now take into the next chapter of my life.”

I do not know what happened to you in the past, but I do know you are stronger than you think and you can handle any situation that comes your way. Let It Go.

Your time on this earth is too important to be thinking about bad things that has happened to you. God bless you and take care.

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