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Timing Is Everything

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Timing Is Everything

Just before the holiday season gets underway, many companies and organizations collect donations of all kinds of items for charity, Biz X included! However, we must remember those in need require food, clothing, toiletries, a bed etc. — basic necessities we all take for granted — every day of the year.

Since we all learn by example, with the holidays long behind us, one local business owner is doing what she can now to help the less fortunate.

As of mid-January, Karen Kamen, Centre Director/Owner of the local Oxford Learning (customized tutoring services for children) locations, has undertaken a food and clothing drive for The Downtown Mission Of Windsor (664 Victoria Avenue, Windsor).

“We decided to help the mission so that we can give back to our community and provide help to those that are less fortunate,” explains Kamen. “The winter is especially challenging to those without a home, food or clothing. We plan to have an ongoing relationship with the mission and help out in whatever way we can.” 

On the list for non-food items requested are: socks and underwear (adults and youth sizes); toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, women’s sanitary supplies, soap) and $5 gift cards (Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, etc.)

For the Food Bank they are asking for: peanut butter; canned meats (tuna, ham, salmon etc.); cereals (box and oatmeal); canned fruits and vegetables; fruit cups, granola bars; juice boxes and school snacks; coffee and tea plus sugar, flour, spices and condiments.

The kitchen needs: bread, lunch meat, coffee, water, juice and breakfast items (cereal, waffles, syrup, peanut butter, jam), yogurt, and other snacks.

The “Enterprise Program” requires: toiletries; clothing for everyday and work (business, casual); coats, gloves, hats; work shoes (safety shoes, boots and dress shoes) and backpacks.

The Sanctuary/Dining Room is looking for items such as: deodorant; new socks; underwear; clothing; men’s shoes (most popular sizes are 8 to 12); women’s shoes (most popular sizes are 8 to 10); shampoo and conditioner; toothpaste; sunscreen and backpacks/large purses.

The Windsor Youth Centre would like to receive donations of $5 gift cards (Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, etc.) along with: granola bars, cereal bars, fruit cups, pudding cups, crackers, cereal; new underwear and socks; toiletries and backpacks.

And finally, the Health/Nursing department needs: Polysporin (cream or ointment); Chapstick; Vaseline (petroleum jelly); hand sanitizer/sunscreen/lotion; cough drops and Kleenex (personal/purse size).

Donations can be dropped off until March 31, 2020 at Oxford Learning’s two locations:  13300 Tecumseh Road East, Tecumseh and 5844 Malden Road, LaSalle.

Kamen hopes this drive not only helps others, “but we are also allowing our students to see how difficult it is for many people to survive. We are hoping that all involved will feel a sense of pride in being able to help others that are less fortunate.”

Thank you for helping those in our community, Karen. I hope your example inspires others to give back as well.

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Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones – Publisher of Biz X Magazine Deborah Jones graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours Degree in Communication Studies and was employed at two other local magazines shortly after for a few years learning all she could about writing, advertising, public relations and more. She made the jump in 1998 to go out on her own to publish Biz X magazine and has worked in the publishing industry since 1990. In 2007, she earned the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Windsor & District Chamber of Commerce. To date, she is the ONLY woman so far to receive this award. In 2013, she received one of the first “Windsor Women of the Year” awards from the Ladies Exclusive Alliance. Her most recent achievement is a “2016 Vocational Service Award” from the Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland. Deborah is proud to live in Windsor and truly cares about each and every business and strives to make Windsor Essex the best place to live, work and play.