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Tips from Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium

Tips On Becoming A Leader

On Thursday, November 16, 2017 I attended the Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium at the Odette School of Business. It was inspiring to hear what makes a great leader from some of Canada’s best influencers, I thought I would pass on their tips and advice.

Trevor Georgie and I at the Georgie-Odette Leadership Summit

Stephen Carlisle, President & Managing Director of GM Canada was asked about his future as a teenager, he said he wanted to be the head of GM by 50. He believes it takes a combination of toughness and personality to make great leaders. He compared it to hockey where Canadians are one way off the ice but another way on the ice. Stephen’s defining moment was taking a position in Thailand and feels it is important to travel and become Global leaders.

Maureen Jenson is the first female CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission. She began her career as a geologist in the male dominated field of mining. Jenson credits her intellectual curiosity as the secret to success and states she looks for change every 5 years to spark passion. She encourages trying new things and taking risks. Even lateral moves have resulted in her ending up CEO.

Dana Sinclair, a Human Performance Expert works with musicians, athletes and others to enhance performance. Making sure players fit the franchise and increasing behavior that leads to better performance under pressure. Keys to managing your mind – take action and be decisive. Look at what derails you from your best performance. Don’t over-think things – focus on what you are doing instead of how you are doing. Don’t try to be perfect, just constantly improve and over prepare.

Trevor Georgie, the youngest manager at BMO and youngest OHL President/GM talked about the importance of vision and values and the way you treat others. He believes that it isn’t a value unless it costs you something. Trevor believes in leading with optimism and a success mindset. He advises asking people that have your dream job how they got there.

Richard Peddie (former President/CEO Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) spoke about values/integrity. He talked about how important it is to keep learning. Although he didn’t have a mentor throughout his career he relied on books for advice and inspiration.