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Unsung Heroes of Windsor – Essex

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Within Windsor-Essex County, we have many individuals, groups, families and friends who go unnoticed, unrecognized, and expect nothing in return for their actions of selflessness. These are the unsung heroes of our surrounding communities.

The first of my unsung heroes is a home to many Windsorites, The Downtown Mission Windsor, where this is more than job, it’s a lifestyle of helping those in need. The people who become apart of the mission are “people who have experienced catastrophic illness, job loss, family breakdown, mental health challenges and some have faced unspeakable abuse at home or on the streets.”

Not only does the mission provide meals, safe night stays, job field training, as well as people who lack basic necessities such as clothing, food, and shelter. The mission is more than just a non-profit organization, it’s a home, a family, a hope.

I have volunteered for many years with The Downtown Mission, through helping coordinate events, volunteer in the food bank, as well as promote charitable events, I have met so many outstanding people who spend their days treating these strangers as family. Thank you Mary-Jo, Ron, Fiona, Hope, Laurie, Liza,Olga,Dino,Cheryl, and Angela.

Next, I’d like to recognize one of many heroes that go unnoticed because of the causes they help. There are so many people who stand behind one cause that certain people are overlooked. I am talking about Anne-Marie from Cystic Fibrosis Canada Essex-Kent‘s Board of Directors and a little princesses and princes dream event; The Princess Ball in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Anne-Marie has a son with CF and this is where her heart ran into strive mode for the Cystic Fibrosis cure. As she sits on the Board of Directors for the Essex-Kent Chapter, Anne-Marie also designates her time to planning, volunteering, and assisting with anything she can do to help out the CF initiatives held within her surrounding communities. Anne-Marie’s talents, abilities, and beautiful mind is always appreciated but I felt she needed a little more recognition for her duties.

These are just two of the unsung heroes within Windsor-Essex County who don’t ask for anything in return, don’t expect applause or a reward for their gratitude, and especially fight for the people near and dear to their hearts. I am grateful to say I know these inspiring individuals and I couldn’t imagine myself without  the opportunities I have had to work alongside these hardworking Windsorites. Thank you to all the unsung heroes of Windsor-Essex County.

If you know anyone that deserves recognition here too, feel free to post information under my blog about the individual…myself and everyone at Biz X magazine would love to learn about him or her and share their charitable work with the community.

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