Wake Up Congress! One Killing Is Enough!

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Wake Up Congress! One Killing Is Enough!

As I was looking up on my social media page last week, I saw something that made my heart sink . . .“Texas shooting massacre.”

The first thing that ran through my mind was, “Oh no, not again.” From my understanding, an 18 year old gunman (who was killed by the police) targeted a group of beautiful and innocent children. I will say that again, “beautiful and innocent children” were killed by a cowardly gunman, as well as 2 adults and many injured.

There were 19 children and 2 teachers to be exact. There was a loving mother and a wife.

And another loving mother and a wife whose husband also passed away from a heart attack two days after he dropped flowers off at his wife’s memorial. Yes, he died of a broken heart. The children are now without parents.

What about the children killed on May 24, 2022 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas?

The beautiful Angels will not be able to experience long and joyous lives.

They will not be able to graduate.

They will not be able to find their purpose.

They will not be able to find success and fulfillment.

They will not be able to find love.

They will not be able to get married and have children, because parents have to bury these children.
Let’s not forget that the children who witnessed it are traumatized.

The world is affected and lives in fear.

I have three words, WAKE UP CONGRESS!!!!!

Look, thoughts and prayers are great, but what about Congress taking a stand TODAY? What about saying this is not going to happen again or at least we will do our best to make sure it doesn’t?

We just had the Buffalo shooting, which was a highly motivated racial attack on the black community, which was done by another kid.

What on earth is going on today?

Why and how are guns so easily available, especially to children/youths?

If nothing is done, then we can expect more violence. This whole thing has been like some vicious cycle. Let me explain.

I saw a picture just a day after the shooting. It said: “Mass shooting Thoughts and Prayers. It is being talked about on Social media. Congress does nothing. It becomes part of the past. We go on living our lives. And back to the mass shooting. And it goes around like a cycle.”

Doesn’t that feel about right?

We are talking about innocent lives here. Isn’t that important enough to make gun laws stricter?

Nobody should just be given a gun and be good to go. This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken at some point. How about NOW?

I read another post that says, “Calls grow for US gun control after Texas school shooting.”

  • What about the Buffalo shooting?
  • What about the Las Vegas Strip shooting?
  • What about the Orlando nightclub shooting?
  • What about the Virginia Tech shooting?
  • What about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting?
  • What about the Texas First Baptist Church shooting?
  • What about the Luby’s shooting?
  • What about the San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre?
  • What about the El Paso Wal-Mart mass shooting?
  • What about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting?
  • What about the United States Postal Service shooting?
  • What about the San Bernardino mass shooting?
  • What about the Binghamton shooting?

Not to mention, a plethora of more shootings that we don’t even know about.

The point is, one killing is bad enough and that’s when gun laws should have become stricter to prevent further shootings.

We are angry about innocent people being killed. The family victims are drained of sadness.
THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE NEW NORMAL, like it was wearing a COVID mask and social distancing.

It seems like this is just another day and we will allow it to continue. NO, NO, NO.
The bottom line is yes we need sensible gun laws, but at the same time we shouldn’t have to wait until someone is killed to have them.

We need to keep guns out of the wrong hands and those who are capable of causing harm to someone.

Why on earth is nothing being done? Where are the background, mental health checks, and tougher laws?

Are we going to wait for a specific day or for someone else to be killed to finally consider passing gun reform laws?

I still remember the shooting in Nova Scotia when 22 people were killed. Within weeks, assault style weapons were banned.

This is the type of action that Congress needs to take, their gun legislation has not changed and I don’t know why. They need to take their foot off the brake and pass gun law reforms.

These are the people who had a name, who had a purpose, and who had many years ahead.

Alithia Ramirez, Maite Rodriguez, Makenna Lee Elrod, Jackie Cazares, Nevaeh Bravo, Layla Salazar, Annabell Rodriguez, Eliahna Garcia, Maranda Mathis, Uziyah Garcia, Rojelio Torres, Eva Mireles (Teacher), Amerie Jo Garza, Eliahana Cruz Torres, Xavier Lopez, Jose Flores Jr, Irma Garcia (Teacher),  Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio, Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, Tess Marie Mata, and Jailah Nicole Silguero.

I wish Congress would really look at, not only these wonderful people that were killed, but all the people who lose their lives through gun violence.

The time for talking about it is over. Nothing changes if we only talk about things. Things happen when we drive into action.

There need to be HARSHER penalties for those who take a life.

Normally, I am an easy going guy, but when children and shooting people are involved, it becomes not only devastating, but heartbreaking for me and many others. One of the responsibilities of Congress is to make laws. They have that power to pass gun control laws and yet it feels there is a lack of empathy and compassion in many of them. I am not saying they are bad people, but it looks that way when we see nothing being done.

The world deserves to live in a safe community. Nobody should live their daily lives in fear — they should be able to go out and LIVE and not the other way around.

God bless you and never give up.

Danny Gautama (The Fighter)

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