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What to do After College?

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What to do after college?

As I enter my last semester of college, I can’t help but think about what I want to do with myself after. 

College may prepare you for a future career but actually getting a job in your desired field can be harder than you think. 

Finding a company/store that will hire a new graduate, with little to no experience, is extremely unlikely. Fields are usually full of positions already and if you do get a job it may be a freelance or apprenticeship position. Those are never permanent but can lead to employment.

Jobs can already be stressful but putting what you’ve learnt into progress and really showing your skills to someone who may think of you as just a kid, can be very beneficial. Every failure leads to another open door.

Which can be hard, right? Coming into any job as a newbie is hard but coming into a job with what you’ve learnt and what you’re supposed to know is harder. These things are very similar yet completely opposite. Employers strive to have their employees be the face of the company. In order to do this correctly, there is usually experience needed or you may need to know someone to get into a certain job or position.

I find myself thinking about if I truly want to go into my desired field after school, the past two years have taught me a lot not only educationally but personally as well. I’ve learnt that my life is in my own hands and I should never allow anyone to walk over me. As someone who had to pay for school herself, I took my education very seriously and fought for my marks and gave every class 110%. I also learned that everything happens for a reason and I should never doubt myself, even when times are tough.

Whatever you decide to after University/College, whether it be going into a job related to your field or not, remember that you make your own success. If something doesn’t work out, don’t dwell on the past and move forward to the next step in your life.

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