City Council approves funding for ‘Strengthen the Core’ initiative

The Downtown Windsor Business Revitalization Association (DWBRA) has announced that Windsor’s City Council on May 13, 2024 approved the funding for the ‘Strengthen the Core: Downtown Windsor Revitalization Plan.’ This landmark decision marks a significant step forward in the effort to transform Windsor’s downtown into a thriving centre of commerce and community life.

The approval comes as a result of extensive collaboration between local community groups and agencies, BIAs, business leaders, community members, City Council, and Windsor Police Service, all of whom have passionately advocated for this transformative initiative. The ‘Strengthen the Core’ plan aims to enhance the economic vitality, safety, and cultural appeal of Downtown Windsor, creating a safe and supportive environment for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

“Yesterday’s decision is a monumental win for Windsor’s downtown,” said Chris MacLeod, Chair of the DWBRA. “The approval of the ‘Strengthen the Core’ initiative is an investment in the future of our community as a whole, not just the downtown. We are grateful to City Council and all of our supporters for believing in the potential of this plan to drive significant positive change.”

“The funding approval for ‘Strengthen the Core’ speaks to the collective vision and hard work of our community,” said Ray Blanchard, owner of The Bitcoin Building. “This initiative will attract and retain more businesses, thanks to the promised enhancement of safety. We’ve only just begun.”

Echoing this sentiment, Misty Sergi, owner of The Gifting Tree, said that “with the funding now secured, we are poised to transform Downtown Windsor. “’Strengthen the Core’ will lay the foundation for the kind of thriving civic centre this region has always deserved, with healthy economic growth and an enhanced quality of life for all Windsorites.”

The ‘Strengthen the Core‘ initiative includes a range of strategic enhancements such as improved infrastructure, increased safety measures, and initiatives to boost community engagement and economic development. These efforts are designed to attract new businesses, residents, and visitors, further solidifying Downtown Windsor as a premier destination in the region.

The DWBRA extends its deepest gratitude to all who supported this initiative, including the thousands who signed the petition, our local BIAs, businesses, and community members who rallied behind the vision for a revitalized downtown.