Windsor Municipal Elections…Get Out And VOTE!

Windsor Municipal Elections...Get Out And VOTE Windsorites!

Windsor Municipal Elections…Get Out And VOTE Windsorites!

In the 2015 Federal Election, 58.5% of eligible Canadians voted. The age group 18-35 years saw only 42%.of their group of eligible voters turn out. 75% of voters eligible to vote in the group 65-75 years of age voted and bettered the youth vote by 33%. Perhaps the latter group’s impressive turnout is the result of them having closer ties to family members who fought in the Second World War for our freedom and democratic right to vote.

In 2014, the last Windsor Municipal Election, a total of 156,870 registered voters cast 58,770 ballots for a 37.46% turnout.

If you count yourselves absent from these turnout statistics, I have one short bit of advice for you: quit complaining about the direction in which our country, province or city is going. Your vote buys you the right – the democratic right – to challenge governance. Your silence buys you absolutely nothing.

Since I have been 18 years of age, I have voted in every municipal, provincial and federal election – although not always for the same party at the senior levels of government. It is not only a right for me. It is a responsibility.

As we hit the home stretch of the Windsor Municipal Election (and County of Essex Communities) on Monday, October 22, there are a number of groups and organizations who are sponsoring ward specific all-candidates meetings, as well as Mayoral debates and gatherings for candidates for the school boards.

If you are not happy with the direction you see your community going, now is the time for you to be the change you seek. Become informed – know who these talented and dedicated men and women are who have put themselves forward for consideration as your municipal leaders. And then GET OUT AND VOTE!

“Do the unexpected. Take 20 minutes out of your day, do what young people all over the world are dying to do: vote.” ― Rick Mercer

As a former (unsuccessful) candidate for a ward two council seat, I applaud the current roster of candidates for selflessly giving of themselves, time and money to seek public office. There are not many more noble callings in life than the call to public service. Regardless of the final vote tallies, you all remain winners. You will never forget this experience …

I am honoured to be asked to moderate 4 upcoming debates.

The first is a ward 8 debate which is very exciting since it is the only ward in which there is no incumbent candidate. Bill Marra, after 21 years of dedicated and exceptional leadership, has decided to ‘hang ‘em up’. Congratulations, Bill, on you many years of selfless public service! The all candidates meeting will occur at the Serbian Centre on Thursday, 11 October 2018, at 7:00 PM. A big shout our to CUPE, Local 543, for their organization of this evening.

Windsor Municipal Elections...Get Out And VOTE Windsorites!

A really exciting initiative is taking place to entice younger voters to participate in the upcoming municipal election. Ballots and Brews is the name of the All Candidates Meetings Series being organized in Windsor Wards 2, 3 ,4, 5 by co-leads of YQG +me, Gio Petrucci and Neil Mens. The meetings are based on the wisdom of Sir Francis Bacon, “if the mountain will not come to Muhammed, then Muhammed must go to the mountain.”

Mens explains, “Millennials are enthusiastic Craft Beer drinkers who are passionate about many things including beer, friends, a sense of community and their future. They question should they move or should they stay. We want them to stay and get involved in making our city a better place. We encourage First Time and the 20-40 aged voters to find out who is running, what the issues are and then vote for the candidate who best shares their values. We are engaging in the time-honoured tradition amongst friends of discussing democracy and community issues over a pint.”

I will be moderating the ward 2, 3 and 5 meetings. My good friend and 93.9 The River personality, Dan MacDonald, will moderate the Ward 4 meeting at the Walkerville (because he lives close by and can stagger home afterwards…)

Here at the 4 ward meeting dates, times and locations:

Ward 2 – Sandwich Brewing- Tuesday Oct. 16, 7-9pm 

Ward 3 – Craft Heads Brewing- Wed. Oct 17, 9-11pm

Ward 4 – Walkerville Brewery- Thur. Oct 18, 7-9pm

Ward 5 – Chapter Two Brewing- Fri. Oct 19, 7-9pm

Vote October 22nd because it’s the Canadian thing to do.

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Joe retired January 2015 as a Superintendent from a 26 year career with the Canada Border Services Agency in Windsor. Since then he has jettisoned into a number of exciting new opportunities. As a volunteer with YourTV since 2003 Joe is an on air personality for the City of Windsor and Essex County Council meetings. He is also a registered Ontario Marriage Officiant since 2006 and is co-owner of Creative Marriage Celebrations. Joe now shares his talents and numerous life experiences with Biz X as a regular blogger, columnist and any other “Joe – Jobs” we can find for him.