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Local Windsor Resident Finalist for Remarkable Life

Local Windsor Resident finalist for Remarkable Life

Local Windsor Resident Finalist for Remarkable Life

The Seasons Celebrates Remarkable Residents program highlights and celebrates the outstanding achievements, contributions, and talents of our residents. 2019 marks the 7th year of the contest. Contestants are asked to demonstrate one or a combination of the following: having made significant achievements in his/her lifetime, having made important contributions to his/her community, possessing a unique talent or skill, and making a positive contribution to the Seasons residence in which he/she lives. The contest winner will receive one-month free rent at their senior living community.

The submissions were narrowed down to three finalists, Ruth Anne from Belle River, Walter from Brantford, Ontario and Harold from High River, Alberta. Seasons Belle River resident Ruth Anne, raised with an unstoppable attitude, was determined and resilient in life. After earning a teaching degree in her youth, she went back to school to complete a bachelor’s degree at the age of 47. Outside of the classroom, Ruth Anne spent the majority of her time volunteering with Von Geranium House, an organization dedicated to the provision of compassionate care and support to individuals facing a life-threatening illness.

The Von Geranium House was the same facility that cared for her when battling her own fight against cancer. “When it was all over, I thought, I could help others out because I know what it’s like to have gone through that. I’m very proud of that volunteer work,” said Ruth Anne. She was awarded a special honor for outstanding service after fifteen years called the Lou Holly Award. During that time, Ruth Anne offered a therapeutic medical journaling course that was highly valued.

Seasons chooses to align this contest with Seniors Month in Ontario, and Seniors week in Alberta because at the heart of each, our goals are the same; to show our support of Canadian seniors who have built the foundations of the country we call home, many have dedicated their lives to making a difference in their respective communities and in the lives of others.

“This contest has a lasting impact on the residents whose stories are heard and it positively affects our team members who get to learn something personal and amazing about the people they serve each day” – Amanda White, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

The three finalists have had their life stories filmed by Seasons, and the videos were posted on the Seasons corporate Facebook page. The video with the most combined interactions, including likes, shares, and comments will win the title of Remarkable Resident and one-month free rent. Voting has been taking place from June 1-9, with the winner being tallied and announced on June 10, 2019.

Watch video and vote for Ruth Anne from Belle River.

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