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Windsor’s Storm Damage – Two Weeks to Clean

Biz X Magazine NEWS, August 6 2018 Civic Holiday, City of Windsor Responds to Storm Damage from Wind and Rain

City of Windsor Responds to Storm Damage from Wind and Rain

Crews are working steadily to clean up trees and limbs downed during Monday’s wind and heavy rain. The city concentrates first on trees on roadways and in front of driveways.

“If it’s a city tree, that’s our responsibility,” says Jan Wilson, Parks, Recreation, Culture and Facilities’ Corporate Leader. “If it’s a private tree, the property owner must take care of it.”

Wilson encourages residents to call 311 to report city trees and branches that have fallen on streets and boulevards. Wilson asks residents to help clear debris from the tops of sewer drains and catch basins but, as always, safety comes first.

“It’s especially important for residents clearing away limbs to be careful working near streets and roads. And look up to make sure you aren’t in danger of coming into contact with power lines or hanging limbs.”

Brush and limbs can be bundled into 4-foot lengths and left by the curb on yard waste pickup days.

It will take up to two weeks to clear the trees, limbs and brush that fell Monday from city trees. All of the trails at Ojibway Park remain closed due to dangerous conditions caused from Monday’s storm, and the Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park remains closed as well. There will be an announcement when Ojibway and the Tallgrass Prairie parks are ready to be re-opened.

For more information visit City of Windsor website or call 311.