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20 Years Of Biz X magazine

Girls Just Want To Have Businesses!, 20 Years Of Biz X magazine
Biz X magazine Vol 1 Issue 1. February, 1998.

20 Years Of Biz X magazine

Back in February 1998, the very first issue of Biz X magazine rolled off the presses. Fast forward now to 2017, and this month we celebrate the start of our 20th year of publishing.

We have overcome many challenges during this time that have negatively affected the economy (9-11 terrorist attacks, the passport issue, the low Canadian dollar), and we have also had achievements and successes.

We have presented over 635 of our very own Biz X Awards to deserving local businesses and people. As well, both the magazine and myself have earned awards from worthy organizations.

Our distribution area has grown over the years to include parts of Michigan and southwestern Ontario, up to Ridgetown and Sarnia. We were the very first print publication in Windsor-Essex to introduce a digital edition, leading the way for others to follow what seems like ages ago and last year we revamped our website, to include daily news updates, blogs, event photos and plenty of interaction with our readers.

Biz X magazine Vol 20 Issue 1. February, 2017

Through it all, we have never forgotten our goal to make Windsor Essex the best place to live, work and play. And we have always helped non-profit organizations and charities, whenever we could. We continually support the community by sponsoring various events from small concerts, runs and rides to galas and huge festivals.

To our suppliers, advertisers, dedicated team of freelancers, media friends and our loyal fans, my family and I are grateful for your support. We are also very fortunate to have so many people who appreciate and recognise the hard work it takes to put out a magazine 10 times a year. One good example of this is the wonderful congratulatory letter I received from Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens found on this page.

I am lucky enough to have started this magazine and every day I am happy I chose this career path. My advice to all who are thinking of starting a business is what are you waiting for?

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