The Allie Sunshine Project’s Planting Wellness event returns for its 9th year

The Allie Sunshine Project is happy to announce the return of Planting Wellness, a non-profit event focused on developing the love of gardening and connecting with the community. For the 9th year, the Allie Sunshine Project is welcoming all community members to Lakeshore St. Andrews Church on Saturday, May 20, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to enjoy a day of connection and well-being. 

Planting Wellness has grown from the seeds of Allie Sunshine Project’s core purpose: to ignite learning and wellness. Nine years ago, visionary director, Jeremy Hayes reached out to a client for a donation, knowing they had extra flowers and vegetables destined for the dumpster. In response, they provided a very generous donation and have done so every year since. Because of their heartwarming gifts, Planting Wellness has given away free vegetable transplants to the community for almost a decade.

“Planting Wellness has become our signature event of the year,” stated Jeremy Hayes, visionary director, The Allie Sunshine Project. “This event speaks to everything we are as an organization, and we are happy to gather with our most enthusiastic supporters once again to ignite learning and wellness for all. This year, the return of our wellness fair will be an extension of our commitment to our community.”

This in-person event is dedicated to enhancing wellness through the power of plants. As always, the Allie Sunshine Project will be giving away free vegetable transplants to schools, communities and backyard and patio gardeners. 

There will also be an assortment of flowers for purchase and a variety of vendors and wellness practitioners offering products and services that are available in the community to support personal wellness. These vendors have generously donated items for a raffle, which will be announced at the event. Tickets for the raffle and T-shirts will also be available for purchase at the event.

The Allie Sunshine Project hopes the Planting Wellness event will continue to be a path to personal wellness for those discovering the love of gardening and connecting with the community along the way.

The Allie Sunshine Project, a non-profit organization, is inspired by educator and wellness pioneer Allison Hayes, known as Allie Sunshine, for her unique ability to share her light and positive energy with everyone she met. Its core purpose is to ignite learning and wellness by creating events and projects within Windsor-Essex County that provide a nurturing and educational experience. The organization is energized by the living legacies of every one of our Rays of Sunshine, who are dedicated volunteers.