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Amherstburg Day Trip

Biz X magazine’s Amherstburg Day Trip

Well the summer issue of Biz X is now out and what a fantastic reaction it is getting!

All mentioned in the county fun story and other editorial are thrilled with being included…of course as you know we could not list every business in the county things to do but we put as many as we could. There are so many fantastic places to eat but we only have so much space!

Whereas Shelley was out delivering to all her Parenting Biz section, the three DJs took to the streets of Amherstburg to visit the owners and top managers and deliver a personal copy of the July/August edition.

With Deborah and Della Jones taking the photos, little Dylan networked his way around the town to meet so many local VIPs….here are just a few of the shots we have of him.

Then he poses inside the Amherstburg Freedom Museum after learning a bit of history.




Off for a quick ice cream at Waterfront Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt.





Then off to play laser tag and enjoy “Christmas in July” activities with Owner Brad Hearn of The Fort.

So much to do in Amherstburg and of course, plenty of restaurants and coffee shops waiting to serve you along with tons of events! Get out to the ‘burg real soon, trust us, it’s worth the quick trip….

For more things to do in Amherstburg and Essex County, check out our cover story in the July August issue.

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