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Motor City Chrysler Announces New Partnership with Local Live Stream Podcast to drive the conversation of good news in YQG

Kicking off a landmark 2nd season year for local good news and conversation YQG Livestream Podcast – The Arms Bumanlag Project has announced an exciting partnership for the remainder of Season 2 until 2023 with a community mined local business – Motor City Chrysler.

“Good news, information and conversation drives Windsor Essex. It’s driven the show through 2021, and as we continue to reach Windsorites, the show is driven by the support of Jason Bray and the team at Motor City Chrysler that allows more content, coverage, and interviews to happen for YQG.”

Arms Bumanlag, Host of the ABP

The Arms Bumanlag Project’s first season, which debuted in Summer of 2021, has already featured conversations with Windsor Essex people on social issues, charitable endeavors, and so much more with guests including Jim Crichton, Steve Bell, Jeff Burrows, Jan Kaffer, Luc Michaud, Bill Marra and more.

Podcasts & livestreams have become a staple of pop culture, and accessibility has always been the biggest draw. Everyone has access to tens of thousands of shows, interviews, and fun conversations because of the devices we carry in our pockets every day. This accessibility has elevated the podcast industry from a radio replacement to a bazaar of murder mysteries, narrative dramas, news coverage, and everything in between.

But the Arms Bumanlag Project also address a sense of community for the Windsor Essex area – something that has been lacking, according to the estimated 170,000 listeners, viewers since the debut episode of Season 1.

Podcasts let us become part of the conversation, even about things that we might not be able to influence on our own. And that feeling of “being part of something” builds a powerful connection, especially if the podcast focuses on something relevant to the listener.

“Hyperlocal” has been a trending term for a lot of industries. It’s a way for organizations to go all-in on this concept of a community. And that mentality lines up perfectly with the sense of connection that people experience through podcasts – just like the Arms Bumanlag Project.

“Arms Bumanlag and Motor City Chrysler have joined forces to promote Windsor as a great place to live and work. Arms is a great advocate for the city and its many benefits, and we are excited to be working together to spread the word about all that Windsor has to offer. Stay tuned for more great things to come from this partnership,” says Jason Bray, General Manager, Motor City Chrysler.

The 1st episode ‘driven by Motor City Chrysler’ is a special Wednesday show on Wednesday June 1st featuring the organizers and artists of Art in the Park 2022 -as The Arms Bumanlag Project is a proud sponsor. Tickets to the event will be given away in the livestream.

Watch the Arms Bumanlag Project live every Tuesday night at 8pm on Facebook, Twitter or linkedin. Listen to Season 1 and 2 on Apple Podcasts – search “The Arms Bumanlag Project”

Motor City Chrysler proudly serves Windsor, Essex, Leamington, Belle River, Lasalle, Amherstburg, Tecumseh, Puce, St. Joachim, Riverside, London, Chatham, Tilbury and surrounding areas.

‘The Arms Bumanlag Project” is a local, live and interactive talk show with new episodes weekly with the people who make good news in Windsor Essex. From community champions to voices in need of a platform to your neighbour next door, the ‘ABP’ is now in season 2 with over 70 guests featured and over 8,000 people viewing/listening to the content each week.

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