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Caution Due to Heavy Rains and High Water Levels

City of Windsor Responds to Flooding, Windsor Storm Flooding Tops City 3rd Quarter, Windsor Asks Residents to Contact 311 if Flooded

Caution Due to Heavy Rains and High Water Levels

The Windsor Fire Department is cautioning residents to remain vigilant near the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

Heavy rains and high water levels have already caused localized flooding, and with more rain in the forecast next week, waterways are much deeper and moving more swiftly than normal. The high water levels, which are being experienced across the province, have the potential to cause local flooding for the next four to six weeks.

The high water levels of the river and lake could also raise the risk of flooding in areas away from the water as rainwater runoff would be slower.

City officials continue to monitor levels, especially along the northeast side of the city (from our border with the Town of Tecumseh west to Goose Bay Park). Lower lying properties on the north side of Riverside Drive are at the most risk from rising river and lake flooding.

“This flooding doesn’t relate to infrastructure like the flooding we’ve dealt with during other storms,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “This is about river and lake levels being extremely high and causing the risk of breaching the banks that contain them.”

A berm system along the Ganatchio Trail and Riverside Drive was developed from the Town of Tecumseh to Lauzon Road in the 1980s and 1990’s. As well there are berms on the sides of the Little River where gaps have recently been filled in.

“We have strong berm systems in place that will keep the majority of any rising Detroit River water at bay. But, where gaps still exist, we’re ready to quickly fill them with sandbags if needed.” – Mark Winterton, City Engineer 

The City is currently putting plans in place that if required, would offer sand and sandbags to residents living along the north side of Riverside Drive who may fear their properties being flooded.

The City is currently setting up locations and processes to allow residents to be able to access the sand and sandbags should it become necessary. The City is also putting out a call for volunteers to help residents who do not have enough help on their own, should the need arise.

Once all details are in place more information will be shared via local media, the City of Windsor social media channels and the City of Windsor website.

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