Biz X Was There – The Christian Vegh Record Launch Event That Rocked Windsor Essex

Windsor musician Christian Vegh officially launched his fourth record on April 15, 2023 with opening act, Slight Return USA.

“A lot of the people who showed up to the show, were with me right from the start,” Vegh revealed. “I was overwhelmed with the support from this community and especially the media coverage.”

Vegh played songs from all his albums, such as “Chains in Mind” (blues); I Think I’m Gonna Die Young (rock); “Quick Love” and “Double Agent” (which he calls “Renaissance Rock”) from his most recent album “AAA.”

Quick Love from the album was released and the rest will follow one single at a time and at the end there will be a vinyl release (keep updated on:

“So many people came together to make this event possible,” expresses Vegh. “Seeing some of my closest friends and long-time fans in the audience made the whole evening so exciting for me. I’m so blessed.”

The opening act was performed by his bandmates Slight Return USA, a Detroit based band that Vegh was invited to join last year.

Vegh performed with them and sang the vocals for “Weekend Homewreck” a song he and Mark Kassa (guitar and vocals for Slight Return USA) wrote.

At the end of their set, Natalie Bourgoin former Ms. Galaxy Canada and Ms. Windsor United World presented Slight Return with their 2022 U.S. Midwest Band of the Year Award.

“We had a fantastic time playing our first gig in Canada,” says Kassa. “We’re so grateful that we were so warmly welcomed and our music was so well received.”

“It’s impressive how Biz X and your whole community promotes and gets behind local talent,” Kassa comments. “As well Emcee, Tina Marie Brigley was very gracious introducing us.”

Kassa felt that “Videographer Matt Luppino (Luppo Studio Productions Inc.), and the venue staff (which included award-winning Walter Riggi of Riggi Media International Recording Studio) were so nice and total pros. Lakeshore St Andrew’s auditorium had an excellent stage, lighting, and incredible sound.” 

He adds: “Vegh played a killer set! It was a great experience and we look forward to coming back.”

Photos: Rod Denis – Biz X magazine

The Vegh family wishes to thank all those who helped make the Christian Vegh record launch a success . . . just check the graphic here to see a list of special sponsors!

Christian Vegh Record Launch

To book the Christian Vegh Band or Slight Return USA or to book both please email [email protected].