Essex Police Service Board Awards Good Samaritans

Essex Police Service Board Awards Good Samaritans
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Essex Police Service Board Awards Good Samaritans

The Town of Essex and the Police Service Board are pleased to present the winners of the 2022 Good Samaritan Awards.

At the Volunteer Appreciation event held on November 18, 2022 local residents were awarded for their kind gestures and thoughtful actions. Each recipient was presented with a cash prize, along with a trophy to commemorate their selfless acts within the community.

Over time, the Police Service Board has collected money that was turned-in by civilians who found lost money throughout the community. The Good Samaritan Program is intended to recognize the kind gestures of local residents and use the funds to pay it forward. Residents were given the opportunity to nominate individuals for their public service acts, thoughtful gestures or random acts of kindness that improve the community or assist another community member.

Here are the 2022 Good Samaritan Award Winners . . .

Fay Hermann – Fay demonstrates pride for our community by keeping our parks and public spaces clean. You can often find Fay volunteering her time to collect garbage from Hunter Park, local roads, and throughout the Town.

Dreyden Roovers – At only 11 years old, Dreyden goes out of his way to clean up graffiti and trash at Essex Public School. He also lends a helping hand to younger children and the elderly around town by holding doors, assisting carrying items, and helping kids to learn new skills.

Robert Sweetman – A long-term resident of our community, Robert is a friendly, familiar face to many. He is always willing to help neighbours with yard work, walking and caring for neighborhood dogs, and helping the elderly in any way that he can.

Major Blais, Stryker Blais, Yousseff El Mostapha, and Ricky Kluka – We would like to recognize these boys for their random act of kindness. After exiting a carnival ride at the Essex Fund Fest, the boys found a wallet full of money, credit cards and a debit card. They immediately turned the wallet in to the fun fest committee to ensure that it was returned to it’s rightful owner.

Pat Longeuay – Pat volunteers her time at many organizations throughout the community, including the Legion, Meals on Wheels, the Food bank, and the UN Church. As an avid chef, Pat often prepares meals and desserts for seniors living along. She often spends time visiting the elderly and ensuring that everyone is taken care of.

Shelley DiRisio – Shelley’s good friend’s daughter sadly passed away due to illness. In response to this tragic event, Shelley founded ‘Essex Rocks’ in 2017, encouraging individuals to paint rocks and place them throughout the community. These beautifully painted rocks bring brightness and joy to many. Currently, the Essex Rocks Facebook page has over 400 followers who love to paint, hide, and find these rocks.

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