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International Day of the Girl goes Virtual


International Day of the Girl goes Virtual

Local Non-Profit, brings resources and development opportunities to youth and young professionals in the midst of COVID-19, with annual event, International Day of the Girl.

In 2019, Build a Dream hosted Dreamer Day: International Day of the Girl breakfast at St. Clair Centre for the Arts.

Successfully attended by over 300+ guests, from industry and community organizations, including students, attended the breakfast to honour, and recognize contributions to workforce diversity and inclusion.

In March of this year, Build a Dream Founder/President Nour- Hachem-Fawaz was faced with the reality of cancelling all in-person events scheduled for 2020, and pivoting her legacy events such as Career Expos, and the 3rd Annual International Day of the Girl event, to a virtual space.

How would Hachem-Fawaz, take her vision, and the success of the 2019 event, and host it virtually in the new reality of 2020 that COVID-19 has presented, all while maintaining the integrity of the event and commitment to the corporate sponsors?

“While COVID-19 brought on many uncertainties, one thing that remained certain at Build a Dream, was to uphold our mission to empower young women to reach their fullest potential, we could not let that waiver, regardless of what was happening.” – Nour- Hachem-Fawaz, Build a Dream Founder/President

Nour, and her small team worked tirelessly to find a virtual solution to host their 3rd Annual International Day of the Girl event online, while remaining committed to providing an experience to foster learning, professional development, networking and pushing the conversation around diversity & inclusion.

After months of planning, the Build a Dream team with the support from their corporate sponsors, shared that they would host their International Day of the Girl Event: Yes She Can! Yes We Can! Event live on Friday October 9th, 11:00AM- 2:30PM on a highly regarded virtual platform called EventMobi. The event will bring the core values of Build a Dream, and the past International Day of the Girl events to the virtual space, while amplifying voices from powerful & inspirational youth and corporate leaders that are paving the way towards a more diverse and inclusive future.

The event will allow those tuning in from home, work, or even the classroom the opportunity to learn, expand their professional development, network with other attendees and industry professionals, while engaging with various resources, and experiences including the first ever VIP Experience Box. As female owned businesses and entrepreneurs have been hit hard by COVID-19, it was important for Build a Dream to support these businesses, by hand picking products to be included in this box, including; Ecovana Shampoo & Conditioner, David’s Tea, Station Cold Brew Coffee, Fusion Gourmet Snacks, Avon Jewelry, ForHer Lip Gloss, Revival Through Hands Jewelry, Build a Dream facemask, hand sanitizer, t-shirt and more!

Returning in 2020, Build a Dream will recognize various students, organizations and community members who are advancing and supporting women, and creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. In 2019, Build a Dream recognized Katherine Lord, an elementary school student, Sanah Al-Haddad, a high school student as part of their Dreamer Awards, granting students a scholarship to further their development and work towards their career goals. Additionally, University of Windsor finance professor Eahab Elsaid and Windsor police inspector Tammy Fryer were also recognized with Dream Maker Awards. Finally, Habitat for Humanity was recognized with the Dream Creator Award for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Nominations are open until September 18th, and can be sent HERE

COVID-19 has brought many companies and organizations face to face with the harsh realities of pivoting their business, and traditional business models to the online space.

Although daunting, Hachem-Fawaz and her agile Build a Dream team, have been successful in bringing the core values of International Day of the Girl online. For Hachem-Fawaz, and the Build a Dream team it is integral that “As the world adapts and transitions to a “new normal,” our work in diversifying the workforce is essential in preparing young women for future work. Now more than ever, we need corporate leaders, influencers, female role models, and we need male ally’s to share the role they play in diversifying the workforce, and creating a more inclusive and equitable workforce”

Tickets for the virtual event are on sale now, VIP & General Admission, and group rates available. Tickets range from $35.00 CAD- $300.00 CAD available at

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