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2019 LaSalle Strawberry Festival to be Relocated

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2019 LaSalle Strawberry Festival to be Relocated

At a Special Meeting of Council held on May 23, 2019, LaSalle Council approved administration’s report to relocate the 2019 LaSalle Strawberry Festival to the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex.

“This is the best option for this year. Safety is always the number one concern for the Town of LaSalle,” Deputy Mayor Crystal Meloche said during the meeting.

The high water level of the Detroit River and the ground saturation from recent rains has affected Gil Maure Park and the parking lots, boat launch, properties along Front Road and areas at the end of Laurier Drive. The record high lake levels in the area in combination with east winds cause the catch-basins to overflow and water to pool in the parking lots. The overland flooding and puddling of water in the parking lots and in the parkland will negatively affect the set-up and operation of the Strawberry Festival at Gil Maure Park.

“We have received solid information from the emergency planning side, and we can expect high water levels to continue into July. If there is a flooding event that weekend, the high water levels are not likely to improve over the duration of the festival,” – LaSalle Fire Chief Dave Sutton

The event will be hosted at the Vollmer Complex from June 6-9, utilizing the parking lot south of the building (closest to the Gary Parent Rink), as well as the soccer parking lot across the street. Mike Raymond Drive will be closed during the set-up, operation and take-down of the festival.

“Administration has met and devised a plan and will continue to evaluate criteria for safety and logistics,” said Julie Columbus, Director of Culture and Recreation. “Final details are being explored and staff will ensure all logistical components will be coordinated appropriately.”

Administration is working on the logistics of the move including the electrical options, water for vendors, portable toilet locations, off-site parking, shuttles and LaSalle Transit routes, fencing, entry gates, signage, location of fireworks and emergency plans.

Check the Biz X events page for updates about the event as they are finalized. 

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