Xtra Nail Bar Raising Money for Adopt-A-Vet Canada During Miracle Manicure Day

Xtra Nail Bar (1284 Ottawa Street) is hosting their first fundraiser for Adopt-A-Vet- Canada with Miracle Manicure Day on Saturday November 21st from 10am-7pm. The professional nail techs at Xtra Nail Bar are donating their time to provide children 12 and under with regular polish manicures and nail art for $10. 

“Even though opening during a major pandemic was a gamble, giving back is always the right hand to play” says Patrick Ciliberto, Co-Owner of Xtra Nail Bar.

The nail bar is donating 100% of the proceeds from the event to Adopt-A-Vet, and every $50 raised through the event and online fundraising, a choice of manicure or pedicure will be donated to a veteran on Sunday November 22nd.

“This is our third of many charitable events to come. We are proof that there is always time to give a little Xtra!” says Trish Austin, Co-Owner of Xtra Nail Bar.

Adopt-A-Vet’s missions are:

  1. Ensure all veterans do not feel left alone and unappreciated, especially over the holidays. We realized that this was an issue where some veterans were left in solitude after having outlived their families. Adopt-A-Vet brings them gifts, as well as spends time sharing stories and camaraderie that all of us long for having served in the Canadian Armed Forces at one point in our lives.
  2. Ensure stories of local heroes do not fall forgotten by the new generation. Adopt-A-Vet plans on doing this by establishing a partnership with the Safety Village of Windsor, to build a small interactive armory where veterans can interact with the youth and adults that visit the facility. Adopt-A-Vet will also make a video to play inside the building allowing people to hear stories told by our local veteran’s.

“These brave heroes deserve so much as they are the reason we live enjoying the freedoms we do today” says Brad Krewrench, CEO of Adopt-A-Vet.

Never forgotten in life……or in death.

This is a limited registration based event and must be booked in advance. Due to social distancing, each CHILD must be allotted a time slot by appointment only.

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