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Mayoral Candidate Matt Marchand Announces Three-Point Plan

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Matt Marchand for Mayor Campaign Announces Three-Point Plan for Fiscal Responsibility, Increased Transparency, and Accountability at City Hall

Today, after consultation with the community, Mayoral Candidate Matt Marchand announced his three-point plan for fiscal responsibility, increased transparency, and accountability at City Hall.

“After listening to residents, it is clear that the community is expecting and demanding the highest level of checks and balances to protect the way our tax dollars are being spent,” said Marchand.

Vision: Reshape how City Hall and its affiliated companies operate to maximize fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

1. Capital projects, sports tourism initiatives, and discretionary projects will be subject to cost-benefit analysis by independent experts.
2. There will be due diligence for all City Hall contracts/RFPs and its affiliated companies, including financial and real estate transactions, to ensure best value for money and reliability.
3. The Independent Municipal Auditor General will review all Purchasing By-Laws and policies and procedures for City contracts and provide recommendations as needed.

Action: Implement new procedures within first 100 days of Independent Municipal Auditor General being in place.

Some examples that would be reviewed under this new three-point plan include the Aquatic Centre/Adventure Bay, which is losing $3-3.5 million per year. In essence, taxpayers are on pace to pay for this facility twice over 20 years.

An additional example is that the City has spent approximately $400,000 on Grand Prix sponsorships over the past 10 years. What was the benefit to Windsor taxpayers and how was that measured?

“It’s time to bring fiscal responsibility, increased transparency, and accountability to City Hall. Had this three-point plan been in place at the time, risks and costs for Windsor taxpayers would have been minimized,” said Marchand.

This is the fifth in a series of policy platforms and ideas to be released between now and Election Day. The Marchand for Mayor Campaign is continuing to bring business, labour, and the community together to transform Windsor with new ideas and direction.

The September issue of Biz X magazine has a detailed Q&A with the candidates running for mayor of Windsor. Read it here.

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