Spreading Hope During COVID-19


Spreading Hope During COVID-19

blankBy Jenn Sadai, local author

I was reflecting on how suddenly and dramatically the world has been impacted by COVID-19 and these words flowed from my heart like a force of nature.
Writing has always helped me cope with chaos and when I’m really lucky, it helps someone else too. This indiscriminate virus and need to distance ourselves physically can bring out the best in humanity, if that’s what we choose to spread. We’re in this together.

Crept in slowly, no one noticing the threat.
Ungodly gift, passed to anyone you’ve met.
An invisible foe, weaving place to place.
Devastation ramping, at an infectious pace.
Warning bells resonating, awoken we stood.
Forced to divide physically, for the greater good.
New rules set; sacrifice now to live tomorrow.
Must act fast, halt the spread of more sorrow.
When the sun rose again, the streets were clear.
Most the modern world, pushed indoors by fear.
No one left wandering, aimlessly in sight.
Monotony quickly blending mornings into night.
An easy burden for those tucked safely at home.
Not for the essential souls wrapped in prayers alone.
Hospitals, all hands on deck, stepping forth to fight.
Bright minds, huge hearts, doing what is right.
Courage from the underpaid with services required.
Leaps beyond the skills, for which they were ever hired.
In harm’s way daily, performing jobs with so few perks.
Risks meant only for superheroes, not local store clerks.
Unexpected uncertainty, roaming fierce and free.
The battle has just begun and consistency’s the key.
Doctors, nurses, support workers facing it head on.
If we each play our role, we’ll still see another dawn.
Earth is begging for a break, humanity lost its way.
Now we’re tasked to fix it and earn our right to stay.
Be grateful for the givers and those on the front-line.
Patiently pray for their safe, this is not a time to whine.
Enjoy a break from the chaos, for those of us who can.
We can win this wild war, if we each stick to the plan.
Only the light can wash away this darkness in the air.
Beaming together, separately, spreading sincere care.

Spread love always, Jenn

Jenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate using her talents and experiences to empower women. Her seventh book, Women Ready to Rise was released in April 2020 and shares 22 inspirational stories of women turning tragedies into triumphs. It is available anywhere books are sold online or directly through the author who can be contacted via: [email protected] If you need to learn more about Jenn, she can always be reached through the various social media links on her website, www.jennsadai.com or at [email protected]

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