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Statement from Remy Boulbol on Kathleen Wynne

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Statement from Remy Boulbol, Liberal candidate, Windsor—Tecumseh

Kathleen Wynne has been an inspiration to me as a woman looking to enter politics, and as a mother of young women that I’m raising to be strong, and passionate about their community. She has guided this province through some of its most difficult times, and has created real and lasting changes for millions in our communities like Windsor—Tecumseh.

The announcement today that she will concede to no longer being our premier is one that while I understand, is difficult to hear.

However, her message to Ontarians is one that I believe deeply in, and one that I hope will galvanize our province to ensure that we do not go backwards in our progress. Electing a Doug Ford government will do exactly that. This is a man who has spent his time working against people – saying he’s a “man of the people” does not in fact make him one. His actions do. A man who has belittled children with autism, who refuses to stand up for Ontario to Trump’s government, who has embraced a blatant racist as a candidate representing him, and who will cut funding from our hospitals, schools, and social services. These are the words and actions of a man who is quite clearly against everyday people – not for us.

In Windsor Tecumseh, electing me as your local representative will ensure that we have a strong and committed voice that will never waiver from advocating for you. It is a voice of experience, understanding, compassion, and one that understands how to work together across aisles to accomplish great things. It is not one of divisiveness, of negativity simply for the sake of it, or one that will sit idly by while our services are hacked away piece by piece.

On June 7th, consider this voice as your own. Your voice, fighting for you every day, without fail. Let’s work together to create a minority government that will ensure checks and balances, creating opportunity and growth for all of us and our families.

My name is Remy Boulbol, and I am your local Liberal candidate in Windsor—Tecumseh.

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