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Straight Outta Windsor With Publisher Deborah Jones

Straight Outta Windsor With Publisher Deborah Jones

Straight Outta Windsor With Publisher Deborah Jones

by Andy Sullivan

Recently Deborah Jones, Publisher of Biz X magazine was featured on the Straight Outta Windsor Podcast. This is a weekly show I host where I interview the leaders, influencers, artists and athletes that come from Windsor-Essex, showcasing the unique talents that come from our area.

Each episode tells a different story of the lives and journeys coming from some of the most recognizable names in our community such as Prime Minister Paul Martin, Jeff Burrows of the Tea Party and Dave Hunter from Dave and Chuck the Freak.

There have been features on local entrepreneurs that share the journeys of Urban Surf, Freeds and Windsor Circus School as well as prominent athletes such as Mike DiPietro, Randa Markos and Joe Siddall.

Straight Outta Windsor also introduces others who you might not know, but have accomplished some impressive feats such as Angus MacInnes who is a professional actor that was in the original Star Wars, Strange Brew and Vikings, David Sobolov, who spent his whole life in Windsor before moving to Hollywood to become one of the world’s most successful voice actors or David Finch who went from a high school dropout to becoming a highly successful comic book artist, drawing Wonder Woman, Batman and The Avengers from his local studio.

This is just a taste of the features on the Straight Outta Windsor Podcast, the show about our city, that tells our stories. ..and this time around you can learn a little bit about how Deborah started up the magazine, where she is from and more!

Listen to her podcast on the following links…




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