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What the Strike? A Student’s Point of View.

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What the Strike?

As a student attending St.Clair College and on the fourth week of strike, you could say I am beside myself.

I am graduating my program this year and really wanted to showcase what I’ve learned but with this strike, I have lost four weeks of valuable class time. What really ticks me off is that if the board cared so much about their students who PAID for their education, why did they go three weeks without any talking about ending the strike?

I understand there are formalities with the strike and was done out of purpose but four weeks? Really? If the college cared about their student’s education they would be at the table negotiating everyday, if not every week. Not taking three weeks off. (Negotiations update).

I myself, would not cross the picket line. Yes, I paid for an education but I also paid to learn, so what is the point of going to school where there is no teachers? I support that the teachers and union wanted more money, doesn’t everyone? But I would like to graduate on time and be able to go to school and get my work done while being taught.

Do I miss school? Yes, and I do miss getting what I paid for and that is an education. I’ve finished all my assignments that were assigned before the strike, and now, well I’m just bored.

If I lose my semester, CHELSEA WILL NOT BE A HAPPY CAMPER! Nor will I attend St.Clair again. This sounds extreme but honestly, many college students if not all college students, work hard to be in school and do their best in order to succeed in a career they desire. Over the past four weeks, I’ve seen the opposite.

How am I supposed to jump into a career after college if I go back to school and everything is rushed and not taken seriously. They are going to cram two month’s worth of material into one. I am not mentally prepared to go through this.

What are your thoughts on the strike? Are you a student and are on strike? Tell me how you feel!