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Windsor-Essex Pride Fest is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with the Ottawa Street Business Improvement Association to move Pride Fest events, including the weekend festival and parade to Lanspeary Park and Ottawa Street respectively.

“The community spoke, and we listened,” says David Lenz, President of Windsor-Essex Pride Fest “Our community asked for something new and different.” “The visual impact will help deliver our message of celebration and bringing communities together.”

Pride Fest previously held at Festival Plaza on the riverfront.

The new location features more green space and shade, and this more intimate setting will enable tourists and local attendees to connect, explore vendors, enjoy great entertainment, and everything else that makes Pride Fest a one-of-a-kind festival in the region.

”We are excited to welcome the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest to the neighbourhood says Ettore Bonato, President, Ottawa Street Business Improvement Association. “This is a great move that a lot of people are going to be happy with.”

There are financial benefits to moving, as well. The fee for Lanspeary Park is less than other city venues. Pride Fest has also reached a cost sharing agreement with the Chaps & Spurs Country Fest on tent rentals and sound. Their festival takes place the weekend following Pride Fest.

Bonato agrees. “There is something unique about Lanspeary Park and Ottawa Street. It holds a special meaning for many people. Whatever that special meaning is changes from one person to the next but regardless, it is deeply held and valued. I think the same thing sort of applies with Pride and those of us with the Ottawa Street BIA believe everyone, Pride included, should be able to share in that.”

This year will be the first in nearly two decades that the parade will not run down Ouellette. Parade participants will gather at the southern side of the parking lot of Windsor Market at the corner of Walker Road before heading straight down Ottawa Street to Lanspeary Park.WINDSOR-ESSEX PRIDE FEST MOVES TO OTTAWA STREET

“We’re mindful of blocking traffic, which we want to avoid,” says Wendi Nicholson, the parade coordinator for Windsor-Essex Pride Fest. “The part of the lot we’ll be using is empty at that time of day, and given the wider streets, we can roll the parade out much quicker.”

Pride Fest takes place August 8-12 this year. As with years past, the weekend will consist of a series of events featuring a variety of entertainment in a setting where friends and families can gather. Pride Fest is still finalizing the details of the weekend and encourages people to check its website and social media pages often as it releases information as soon as it becomes available.

Anyone wishing to sponsor, participate in the parade or be a vendor at the festival site are invited to contact Pride Fest through the registration pages of its website.

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