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Young Entrepreneurs Cut Out For Business And Stardom

The Parenting Biz - Young Entrepreneurs Cut Out For Business And Stardom

The Parenting Biz – Young Entrepreneurs Cut Out For Business And Stardom

By Julianna Bonnett And Jim Murphy

Some may ask, What’s the matter with kids today? In our opinion, the kids are alright! And what better way to prove our point by including in The Parenting Biz section, for our first issue of 2020, a story on young business professionals working hard to get ahead!

We are sure the following short stories on these local go-getters will inspire even more youth to follow their dreams, move up the corporate ladder, create their own job or start up a new business. (Hint: parents, show this story to your child and who knows what might happen in the future!).

So grab a cup of hot chocolate, and get ready to meet a few amazing entrepreneurs, all under the age of 22.

Lexy Delicata, 21 Years Old

Snip, snip, snip is the sound that creator and founder of Glam By Lexx Hair Extensions, Alexandra (Lexy) Paige Delicata loves to hear on a regular basis.

For over a year and a half, 21 year old Lexy has been working at In The Chair Hairstudio located at 1670 Wyandotte Street East in Windsor. However, after meeting clients who were frustrated with their hair extensions and products, she realized there was a need for not only luxurious, but also more affordable hair extensions in Windsor.

I was having young girls that I worked on, come into the salon and I was realizing how frustrated they were getting with their hair,” Delicata reports. “They were ordering hair extensions from online retailers and they would come in and I would just be like ‘these are not something you should be putting in your hair’!”

After becoming aware of this issue, which many young girls were running into when it came to their insecurities about their hair, Delicata decided to do her own research into finding out how she could provide people with high quality hair extensions with 100% Human Remy hair.

My mom and I started doing so much research just to figure out how we could make this happen,” says Delicata. “I remember going home to my mom and explaining to her what I was dealing with at work and right away she started doing her research to see if we could do anything to make getting good extensions a thing.”

In August 2019, Delicata started up her hairline business and has hundreds of Instagram followers on her account with her main goal of providing women with the most reliable hair products.

Whether that is with hair extensions or cutting and colouring hair at the salon. Delicata also has another account with over 8,000 followers.

I have been doing really well,” she comments. “People are surprised how young I am and that I am able to run my own business and provide people with valuable products. But, after finishing school and realizing how hard it was to get a job in my field, I knew being my own boss was the best decision for me.”

Linden Crain, 19 Years Old

When we think about interns, what comes to mind are young people getting coffee, making photocopies and doing other mundane jobs. However, for 19 year old Linden Crain — an Intern at Happier Camper Canada, 274 Dalhousie Street Unit 104-105 in Amherstburg — his responsibilities include marketing, event planning, sales and customer support!

Since 2010, Happier Camper has featured restored vintage ultra-light trailers with an emphasis on eco-friendly design. In 2019, Bryce May — Owner/Manager of Happier Camper Canada (Ultralight Trailers, Camp Goods and Espresso Bar) and self-proclaimed nomad — opened the Canadian location in Amherstburg.

Many of my fondest memories, stories and travels have taken place with a small camper,” says May who is also a young business owner at just age 25. “Growing up with my father and brother Derek May, Founder of Happier Camper, renovating a small fleet of vintage trailers, I acquired a unique skill set that has allowed me to have a deep understanding of the ultralight travel trailer business. It came to a turning point when I decided to take on the responsibility of sales and a showroom of my own, in order to grow the Happier Camper name as an independent business in Canada.”

Bruce May and Crain make up the team at Happier Camper Canada. Although Crain wasn’t born into the camper restoration business, he has the passion and the vision to help take companies like this one to the next level.

I chose the role of Marketing and Sales at Happier Camper to improve my customer service skills, develop my branding and market research skills and develop my sales skills,” Crain explains. “Being on the sales team gives me an opportunity to connect with customers, offer advice, and improve my problem-solving skills. I am proud to say I have had a direct impact on Happier Camper Canada’s growth and the opportunities within the recreational vehicle and outdoor goods industries are endless.”

Crain is currently in his second year of the Business Administration program at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business.

He started in marketing and sales early as a Customer Experience Associate at TD Canada Trust, where he helped customers with daily transactions and sold banking products.

He also worked as a Project Brand Coordinator for Enactus Windsor’s Youthrive program, where he created social media content for thousands of students trying to start their own business ventures in both grade school and high school. Crain also has experience with foundations such as Local Leaders and the Amherstburg Community Foundation, which allowed him to practice and implement skills relating to sponsorships and donations.

Today, I am bringing both my sales and marketing skills together to help grow the Canadian side of Happier Camper,” Crain tells Biz X. “My goal is to continue to drive Happier Camper Canada products in all regions of Canada, increase our retail location customer traffic, become the most popular travel-trailer company on the market, and become the most attractive trailer showroom and espresso bar in Windsor Essex!”

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